We are animal lovers, first and foremost. My dogs are the most important thing. We do not run a “Kennel”, while we do breed our dogs, they aren’t “Bitches” and thrown outside. These dogs are all raised in the house and so are their babies.

The fact that I want and think everyone should have one of my puppies, that is just a feeling of mine because I have had them for several years and they have brought so much to my life, and they will to yours too. They are well rounded and very much family dogs and will bring your family a level of love like you have never seen from a dog.

My Goals:

I have my own issues, as many people do. I have several mental health issues and my dogs look after me without any special training, they are just that in tune with me and what I need, usually before I know myself. I have put several of my puppies into homes for sick kids and adults.

There are a few that have gone on to be Service Dogs, taking care of very sick kids. I have had a few go on to be Therapy Dogs, taking care of the mental needs of adults and children.

My goal is to make sure that anyone that needs a great Therapy or Service Dog, has one of their own, whether mine or someone else’s, that is how much I believe in this breed.

We live in Almo, Kentucky, a very small town, if you want to call it that, and this is what I do. I work with my dogs from home so they are seldom ever left in the house alone. We are recent empty nesters, so we have more than enough room for all of my babies, and they are all spoiled because of it.

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