Payments and Deposits

Below you will find my paypal link so that you can pay for your puppy and get a receipt. Be sure and put in the provided area of the form which puppy you want to purchase or hold. Once you have taken care of this, you can send me an email with your name and contact and I will send you updated pics of your puppy.

Below is a list of things to keep in mind when you purchase one of my puppies.

  • I do not ship my puppies, they are babies and it is too stressful on them to be shoved in some dark place without their new family.
  • Once you make a payment for your deposit, please note that the deposit is non-refundable, unless it is by no fault of your own
  • Once you have reserved your puppy, you can contact me for updated pics
  • If you know the name you want to call your puppy, let me know and I can start the task of calling them by the name you choose.
  • I ONLY do payment plans for you on the condition that the puppy is paid in full before it leaves here.


The prices are as follows:

Kairo’s Puppies – F1b – are $1200 in full – $200 deposit and $1000 at time of pickup

Max’s puppies – F2 – are $800 in full – $200 deposit and $600 at time of pickup

Bradie’s Puppies – F2 – are $800 in full – $200 deposit and $600 at pickup

Choose an option below in the drop down menu – click on the price point and it will drop down so you can choose.

As always, feel free to pay by any means other than checks – I don’t accept checks, sorry!

Irish Doodle

You DO NOT have to pay via Paypal, that is your choice. I take cash or Pal.


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