Welcome to Tams Irish Doodles

Welcome to Tam’s Irish Doodles, I want to give you a little information about who I am and what I do. I am into it for the dogs themselves. I haven’t ever seen a dog of any kind that is so loving, loyal and is so smart. There isn’t anything these dogs can do to make me mad at them, simply because of their unconditional love alone.

Max - the littlest boss
Max is the best friend a crazy woman could ever have.

My daughter and I were sitting in a place called Panda, having some lunch. She has a habit of asking me if we can get a dog, a cat, whatever has a pulse, so she asks me if we can have this puppy she found online. I took a look and it was instant, and I do mean instant. Of course I told her no at that second, but I couldn’t get that puppy off my mind. Keep in mind, I don’t drive past the two towns on either side of me, it just isn’t me. This puppy was over an hour away and I wasn’t having it. I ended up saying we’d go and get her without even giving the drive a thought. And so came Max into my life. She was the most amazing creature and without much thought, she grabbed on to me and me to her. My daughter ended up giving her to me, saying it was her goal, but I am not 100% sure of that.

Max wasn’t having being a lone even for a second, I work from home but even the few minutes at a time that I was gone, she wasn’t having it. So, we just happen to catch the same pairing that had just had a litter and, like Max, she was the very last one. So here we have Bradie she was the sister from the next litter, making Max and Bradie sisters. Max was so good, she has to have someone to take care of, so she raised Bradie.

After watching them and living with them, I decided that everyone should have one, so in comes Snuffelupagus, or Gus, for short. He was the weirdest little thing, and in super bad shape when I got him. I got him from the same breeder from two totally different sets of parents and boy was he not in the best shape. He looked fine, and he acted fine, but when my daughter and I started to give him a bath, as we always do, we started noticing something odd. Turns out, that baby had well over 1000 ticks on him, little ones. My daughter and I spent literally 3 days, around the clock, getting them all off of him. I was mad, I called that breeder and I asked her what happened, and she hung up on me and I haven’t talked to her since.

So, here we are, I could go on and on and on, but I really want the good of our family to be seen now. I won’t ever lie to anyone, and I won’t mislead you about anything. I want you to have the best puppy I can get with you, and if I don’t think you will be good to them, I will reserve the right to turn you down. These puppies are very important and deserve the very best families I can put them with.

Several of the puppies that have left here have gone on to be Service Dogs, and some are now Therapy Dogs, and some, well, they just went on to be loved and very important to the families they adopted.

This is not your traditional Breeder website, it is more personal, simply because I want my puppies to be more personal when they come to you.

I am located in Western, Kentucky

You can email me at tamsirishdoodles@gmail.com

Text or call: 270-978-8716

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